Saturday, August 18

4 Months Old!

Brinley may be teething. She's cranky, drooly, and everything she can get her hands on goes into her mouth to chew on. Maybe she's just curious, but maybe she really is getting some teeth early.

Either way, she didn't want any part of a four month picture today.

No pictures Mom...

I SAID no pictures please

Why won't you listen?

So instead I snapped a few of the older two playing at Grandma and Grandpa A's today. Paige is going to be NINE in just a few short days.

Younger Punk

Older Punk

Both Punks


  1. Absolute stunning pictures. Especially the close up one of Paige. I love the b/w. Is it an action you are using?

  2. Thanks! I have TRA's color blind set. I ran 'bitchin' black and white.' That's my favorite B&W right now.