Tuesday, August 14


We've had our hands full getting ready for the start of the school year, and I've taken a much needed break from the blog-o-sphere.

With the cooler temps, JP was able to do some yard work. I don't think we had mowed the yard in a month. Gross right? It hadn't grown much with the heat and lack of rain so it wasn't as terrible as it sounds.

While mowing our embarrassingly tall grass, J found three baby bunnies. They were tiny. He carefully moved them (without touching them) while he finished the yard work. I took the opportunity to grab a quick picture. Look how tiny the ears are.

They stayed pretty nuzzled under the grass.

J did some research and found that you can move baby bunnies up to ten feet from where they were and their mother should be able to find them. He recovered the grass from the area they were nesting, dug a hole 3 feet deep (about 3 feet from the original nest, but outside the fence where they'd be safe from Bosco's greedy teeth) and covered them. They're still there, and their mother has found them. I was worried.

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