Tuesday, October 30

I love fall

I love Fall. The temps are perfect and the colors are so vivid. I've been pretty excited lately because I'm gearing up to take Cady's seven-year pictures, and Brinley's six month shots. After last weekend's family shoot with Heather and Brian I'm even more excited.

Check out the shots...

Their pup's a 2 1/2 year old Boxer/pit mix. While she looks more like a pit, I see more boxer behavior in her. I could brag on her all day. She's so full of energy, but sat still and posed perfectly for these shots. We had some fails :) but I'm really quite proud of her - she's very well trained.
This is one of my favorites

And this one too! Can you tell they're Blues fans?

 And I couldn't help myself - had to snag one of just the pup. How gorgeous is her coloring?!

After the fresh air and crisp leaves, I'm totally ready to get the girls out for their fall shoot.

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  1. Great pictures! Love, love, love the one in the jersey's with the puppy looking back.