Thursday, October 11

One of Paige's Birthday Parties

Soooo - it's really been since August since I've posted? That can't be right, can it?

I think we left off with cupcakes. For Paige's family party she wanted french vanilla blue swirl cupcakes. I was scared they'd taste bad with all of the food coloring, but they weren't.

 Some were iced with blue icing, some with pink. Some had white chocolate hearts (Paige's favorite).

We set the cupcakes too close to once of the crock pots. The icing melted :/

It's twin cupcake is below. The icing didn't melt and fall off. Cady decided she wanted to lick the icing off the cupcake - not eat the cupcake.

The big kids and their games.

Brinley loves her cousin. Absolutely LOVEs the guy.

I don't think I had posted a picture of the stray cat we had been feeding. Gross right? But how could you NOT feed a starving kitty.

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