Saturday, October 13


THIS (and school, and work, and a new-ish baby) is why I've been neglecting the blog.

My parents come to most of the girls' games. My Mom holds Brinley (and puts her to sleep)

Sometimes she sits in her carseat and puts herself to sleep. Soccer bores her...despite the abundance of people who love babies and tell her how pretty she is.

Cady loves soccer socks.

Going in for the steal.

Shorty getting ready to do a throw in.

The throw in.

I'm not sure if she's kicking or dancing. Maybe a little of both?

That was earlier in the day. Now it's Paige's turn to play. Cady brought Paige's stuffed dog to the game to cheer her on.

Brinley got to snuggle with her Dad.

This is Paige's first year on a full field. The game's a lot slower.

Why yes, their uniforms ARE bright green (and will be for the next several years). I'm not a fan.

They play teams from other towns now.

Well hi Paige!


 This catches us up through mid-September :)

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