Thursday, December 27

Lots of cupcakes

We left off with mashed potatoes.

While they were boiling, I made a few batches of cupcakes. I spent more time in the kitchen that day than the entire year combined.

I started off with butter pecan. Cady added the eggs.
 Paige added the oil.

Cady and I worked together to add the water and cake mix. We came up with this

Remember the good old days when your Mom would let you lick the beaters/spoon? My kids are really missing out!

I have a secret...I don't bake cupcakes at 350 for 15-18 minutes. I bake them at 325 for 13 minutes. And you know what? They rock. I didn't get a picture with the cupcakes iced. I have 3 kids, a husband with ADD, and three very attention hungry dogs. I consider myself lucky I got them baked. I iced them with caramel icing. SO good.

Before the next batch went in, I check on Brinley again. Happier now :)

Bean was still pouting

We worked on the cherry chip ones next. Same drill as above, only Paige helped more with these. Mixed the wet ingredients.
 See the little chips of cherry? Mmmmm

And they're done. They got cherry icing (pink) and were really really sweet. Paige adored them, so we had to keep some at home. Only slightly more than half found their way to the Christmas party.

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