Wednesday, December 5

More of my girls

JP's parents asked for a family picture for Christmas. I didn't know many photogs that could shoot this time of year on short notice, so my sister graciously agreed to venture out to the gardens with us to snap a few quick shots. B was sick and J was cranky...not a good combo. 

M shot a lot of pictures and was very patient with us...We got one! Thanks Monica :)

Brinley was sick (getting over pink eye and had a pretty nasty virus to boot). I tried to take a TON of shots. Monica was a good sport and waited patiently while J and I argued about whether or not B should be outside when sick, and while the older two ran around like banshees ;)  but I got one shot that I LOVE.

Last shot of the day...JP snuggled with B, appologizing that her Mom made her get her pictures taken.

Toward the tail end of B's 6th month of life I thought I should take a commemorative picture. This was hours before we realized she was getting pink eye. Notice how watery her eyes were?

Bus always crashes the set when I shoot at home.

 And here's my favorite of the girls from very early November at Silver Lake.

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