Wednesday, December 26

The PW's mashed potatoes

My sister only hosts Christmas Eve dinner every other year, so we make it a big to-do. I was bringing potatoes...either mashed, or in a cheesy potato casserole. I always mess up the cheesy potato casserole, so I went with the potatoes. I've made these before, but not for about two years.
I boiled the water - easy enough.

Washed the potatoes

Peeled the potatoes without cutting my fingers

Smiled at Bean, who was really quite upset that I wasn't willing to give her any potatoes.

Chop, chop, chop. Paige helped by handing me the potatoes.

Then she held the bowl so I could take a quick picture.


I turned around to check on Brinley. Clearly she needed out of her saucer. Look how unhappy she was.

 Then I turned around the other way to make sure Jason wasn't burning dinner.
Then I boiled the potatoes for about 40 minutes. Then strained them.

Meanwhile JP rescued Brinley from her saucer.

 Per the PW, I'm supposed to mash the potatoes over low heat to let the steam escape before I add the other ingredients. So...I did.


Then I decided that hand mashing was going to be too much effort, and I transferred the semi mashed potatoes into the mixer.

 I dropped in a ton of butter.

  Then some half-and-half and cream cheese. Yes, I said cream cheese. PW says to do it and not argue, so I did.

Then Paige added some seasoning salt.
 And they're done!
So what, you ask, did I do during those 40 minutes the potatoes were boiling? I made cupcakes for my Aunt Kathy's Christmas party (from a box). More on that tomorrow. 

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