Saturday, December 15


My posts over the past few months haven't been wordy at all, right? Well, Baby Cakes is sick, and sound asleep so I have some time to write!

I turned thirty-four yesterday around 6:30 a.m. My Mom waited patiently for an hour and twenty minutes before calling me to wish me the happiest of birthdays. :) I don't sleep much and I love that she waited, knowing that I was on vacation and had a chance to sleep in a bit.

My favorite sister, on the other hand, texted me as soon as she could! :D I heard the ping at 5:40 and groaned. My phone was out of reach and I had no intention of getting up to grab it. A second later I was grinning ear-to-ear knowing it must have been Monica. I love that girl.

It was a great start to the day. I got Paige and Cady ready for school, and decided B was too sick to go to daycare. I snuggled with B while J took the girls to school. He came home to snatch the baby from me so I would log into work for an hour or so (yes, on my vacation day! But it made me feel important lol).

After my meeting JP, Brinley and I took Bean to get her stitches out, then made an appointment to take Baby P to see her doctor. She's been sick since Thanksgiving :/

On our way out the door, JP's parent stopped by with our stained glass cabinet doors. They'd been broken since we moved in. I'll have to post pictures soon. Two of the 4 cabinets had small pieces broken out. J's Dad repaired the broken pieces and they look as good as new. They really turned out great.

Brinley sounds horrible - low grade fever, sinus gunk, and a croupy cough. BUT her lungs and ears are still clear (we took her last month to be checked out too) and she tested negative for RSV. Having a sick baby that has clear lungs is a blessing. It's a new concept to us and I'm so SO proud of her. The hope is that she completely shakes this round of viral plague before the next round hits.

B was in a good mood, so we got some shopping in (a LOT of shopping). We made it home and turned on the TV. Every station was covering the school shooting. I was heartbroken. I needed my kids in my arms, but they were still at school. I snuggled B as tightly as I could and waited patiently as JP picked the girls up after school. They were completely unaware and likely attributed the extra clingy hugs to the fact that it was my birthday :D

The girls bought me some flowers (blue ones from Paige, purple from Cady), and J cooked the best dinner I've had in a while.

Despite the heart-wrenching news around America today, it was a pretty terrific birthday.

Up next: a family session of the Bride from a few months ago.

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