Wednesday, January 30


A lot has happened over the past few weeks.

Our foster pug China was adopted. She went to a family in Fairview that lost their pug a few months ago. They also adopted another pug that was rescued from the same mill China came from. I think she's in good hands and the girls are both very excited for her.

Brinley is recovering from bronchiolitis (caused by RSV). She fought it like a champ and has so far kicked the fever and fast breathing. We're waiting for the cough to stop, but that may take a while. For now she's getting an inhaler every four hours to help. She went back to daycare yesterday and had a great day - I think she missed her friends!

Brinley will not crawl. I'm sure of it. lol. But she HAS started pulling herself up and attempting to walk along furniture. She's also finally cut her two bottom teeth. :)

 I booked a trip for work and am so so (so) sad that I have to leave the girls. And scared that JP will be the sole caretaker for a few days. On the other hand it'll be really great to get to meet (in person) the people I work with on a daily basis.

OK, now for basketball. Somewhere on my computer are pictures of Cady playing basketball. I'm sure of it. I figure I owe it to her to find and post them before indoor soccer season starts. Clock's-a-tickin'.

Here are some from Paige's last game.
Look how teensy Paige is! She not really, there are 3rd and 4th graders on the team. Her teammate happens to be an exceptionally tall 4th grader. She's pretty talented. 

Warming-up. They're not dancing.

Look at her face. She makes me laugh all the time. I can just hear the conversation going on in her head..."Will I go left, will I go'll never know!" Her teammates body language says "I don't care WHICH way you go - just go!"

She's cute, we know.

She's listening to the coach here. It only took her 14 games to learn how to go that. Seriously, her attention is improving, and I was so proud of how well she played during this game despite it being so late.


The girl guarding her was fast...

I'm surprised she got around her

But she did.


Break time.

She told me she doesn't want to play next year. I'm pretending I didn't hear that. Next is indoor soccer (for C & P) and volleyball (for P).

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  1. I'm glad you finally updated your blog. You didn't tell me Brinley finally got teeth.