Monday, January 14

China - foster pug extraordinaire

An old friend owns a pug rescue and ended up with an influx of pugs in mid-December. We're fostering one. A really cute one!

This is China. She's a three-year-old retired breeder (aka puppy mill survivor). I'm more of a Boston Terrier kind of gal, but how could I not offer to help this little lady?

I mean, just LOOK at that face?

She's really come out of her shell lately and has found her place in the pack. Although, I'm pretty sure Bean will be happy when she finds her forever home :)
She curls up and naps behind me when I work, and tries her best to keep out with Sadie and Bean when they play outside. Bosco's more her speed though. He's not as rough and tumble after 12 long years of life. I'm really proud of how well China's doing. She's spend her entire life in a crate, used solely as a money-maker. She likes other dogs and cats, likes every adult she's met so far, and seems to really love the girls. She looks out the door after they leave.

And looks some more
Then finally decides I'd make a suitable companion for the day.

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