Thursday, February 21

Two New Fish

We're fostering two six-moth-old Shih Tzu pups. My family had a Shih Tzu (Elkie) growing up. I still remember the day we picked her out. All these years later, Elkie is long gone, but my parents have two more (Angel and Maggie), and my sister has one too (Baby). Whenever you go to my Mom's house they bark obnoxiously eagerly greet you. Only by acknowledging them with a pat on the head, or by scooping them up, will the nagging welcoming stop. :)

Like China, these two were puppy mill rescues. They're young enough to not have had babies yet, but they still have the timid response that most mill dogs have. They're only been here for a few days, but I'm already seeing improvement.

The boy is named Chumley, but I find myself calling him Chewbacca. This is his original picture before the rescue took him to get groomed.
Tell me that he doesn't look EXACTLY like Chewey. There's something human about him. I think it's his green eyes.

This is his sister Muffin. She moved too quickly for me to get an in-focus picture of her :)

I tried to get them to sit for me - it didn't work (lol). They ended up trying to crawl up my leg to get the treat I had for them.

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  1. So cute! I really love the colors on both of them.