Friday, March 22

Another Round of Indoor Soccer

Paige seems to like indoor soccer better than outdoor. It's more fast-paced, and harder to get distracted by other things.

I've found that I don't bring my camera with me as much anymore. Between my purse and a diaper bag in one arm, and a baby in the other, it's not really practical. I did make an effort at this game though. It makes it a lot easier when my parents, my sister, and JP are at the game to hold Brinley while I shoot.

I only had it out for the first half before B insisted on hanging out with her Mom, so I didn't get many action shots. Paige is a lot less aggressive than Cady is (as you'll see in tomorrow's post). P's there more for the chance to be social than to actually compete.

I love watching her play (and trying to figure out what she's thinking).

Bored already?

She's still scared of the ball. The FOAM ball. The foam ball that's nowhere NEAR her head. :)

Paige has one more year of indoor (through 4th grade).

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