Saturday, March 23

Cady's First Year of Indoor Soccer

It's no secret that Cadence is a bit petite compared to her first grade peers. She's even more petite compared to her second grade peers in her soccer league. That doesn't intimidate her one bit though. She's really aggressive and I really can't be more proud of her.

She's been waiting to play indoor soccer for three years. She's finally old enough :)

Making a wall (or maybe playing Red Rover)

Can't catch me!

It kind of looks like she's trying to punch the goalie in the head. I assure you, she's not. (I don't think).

She looks like she's pushing Purple Player #2 - she's just trying to peek around her to see where the ball is.

Ready to go again.

And again

"Eep! Don't crash into me!"

Making another wall. "Everyone stand behind me - I got this!"


Get him! (I mean, the ball).

Happy Dance


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