Friday, May 10

Brinley's Birthday Party

I wanted to have a BIG party for Brinley. Not like a "pull-out-all-the-stops, pony rides, clowns, and bounce house" party, but a party with extended family and friends. But, I was exhausted :) so we ended up just inviting immediate family.

I didn't get any pictures of Brinley during her party, but I did snag a few before it all started.

She's gotten over her fear of balloons, so we headed to 'It's Party Time' and got two small bouquets for the kids' table, and a cute little centerpiece. They didn't have the peachy color I was looking for, so she custom-colored the melon ones you see in the background. How cool is that? Maybe it's not to you, but I'm a dork and centered the decore' around Brinley's birthday outfit, and wanted it to be right.

The center piece has curly ribbon on it - :) I LOVE curly ribbon.

And the dessert table...

Cupcakes and cookies! Bought the cookies, made the cupcakes.

Brinley settled for a birthday cupcake after I made a complete train wreck out of her individual cake. We won't discuss that though. Look at the cute fondant curls!

Anyway, that's all I got :)

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