Wednesday, May 15

More fosters

I didn't blog about the Boston we fostered a few weeks back. She was young, healthy, sweet, and pretty - so she went to her new home very quickly.

The next little lady we had was Bonnie - a BT/Beagle mix. Cute, right? To find out more about her check out IL/MO Rescue. She's being fostered at another location now, but she's still available.

Earlier this week, we started fostering Ginger. She's a two-year-old Pug/Dachshund mix. Seriously - this dog has the sweetest face! I'm still learning about her, but so far she's a pretty terrific little girl.

 She's (ahem) on a diet.

She's smiling at me! If you look closely - you can see that she's stepping on my toes. Maybe she's really mean and that's why she's smiling ;)

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