Monday, May 13

Mother's Day

I snapped a few quick ones from Mother's Day...

This girl is fast - and wouldn't sit still.

Until I have her a lens hood and a lens cap.

Yep - she's pretty proud of herself for nabbing her Mom's things.

Does it get cuter than this? I really don't see how it could?

This kid's pretty cute too!

And this one!

Everyone loves on Bosco. He really is a pretty terrific old man.

And this guy? This guy is a drama queen who doesn't like being woken up from naps.

I could write a whole separate post about these birds, and the lack of luck they've had raising babies the past few years. They build nests in the weirdest places, and they haven't had much luck hatching any eggs. This year, this particularly family of birds hatched TWO babies. One is super independent a flew the coop a few days ago - right on schedule with what the Internet said it should do. This guy flies but keeps coming back - so his Momma has stayed too! Am I nuts to think this is incredibly sweet? Can you see them both in this pic? Mom's in full view, baby is tucked down on the left of her.


  1. Seriously??!?!!?!?! Those little red boots are killing me!
    You have such an adorable family:)

  2. Your daughter’s are all pretty and adorable. I agree, those red boots are a must LIKE. Just look at those two teeth bulging. She’s really adorable especially when she smiles. I admire you for having a wonderful and huge family. Happy mother’s day and Congratulations for a job well done!

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