Wednesday, May 8

Other shots from Austin's game

"What did the girls do during Austin's game," you ask?

Cady sought attention anywhere she could. She showed her Grandpa A how cool her feather headband was. He wanted to borrow it. She respectfully declined.

Then she insisted I take her picture while making a funny face. Oh my sweet Cadence Laine - whatever will I do with you. FYI - these pics are a month old. You'll be happy to know that her front teeth are finally coming in.

This one, was hard to wrangle.

She hangs out with Grandma a lot at games.

She gets in Grandma's face when she feels she's not getting enough attention.

Paige tries to keep her in place.

And she sneaks away to get Grandpa.

Found him!

Brinley made a new friend:

Awesome Aunt M's turn. They play.

 Then B gets concerned that they might not play more.

But they do!

Yay for family!

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