Thursday, June 6

Cady's half-way bedroom re-model

Cady's been asking for a purple room for a long time. She had a lot of purple accents already, but her walls were a soft green and soft purple. She likes dark purple. I mean, really dark purple.

We ripped the carpet out. It was pretty gross when we moved in, and hasn't gotten much better since. :) Under the carpet was dark tiling, which isn't pretty, but it works for now. We're either going to have new hard-wood put in, or carpet it. For now it's a dark, gloomy color. It matches the dark gloomy color of her bed. Eventually we'll get her a new white one.

So...given that the room is dark purple, with dark flooring, and a dark bed frame, I didn't snap any shots of the whole room, just a few key features.

Cady and Paige had spent the night at my parents' house while we surprised her with the half face-lift of her bedroom. She was really excited.

Since her walls were really dark, and she already had sparkly purple sheers on her windows, I made some white curtain panels to frame the windows out a bit.

These letters had already been painted, and looked better against the soft celadon walls, but the kid likes purple, so I kept them.

I made this to hang over her head. It's my first attempt at ombre painting. It didn't go well. lol. The paint actually looks pretty cool in person. I used various combinations of Martha Stewart's Pearl paint (Eclipse and Purple Martin). I trimmed it by gluing tissue paper circles to the edge.

I had an extra (magenta) party lantern laying around and covered it with purple swirl tissue paper circles. She doesn't mind the magenta showing through. If it was for Paige's room, I would have had to paint it white first :)

In the background, you can see the corner of a mirror I had painted for her room months ago. It's still there, just moved.

And I painted her dresser and the handles - the room is screaming for more white.

Once we get the flooring and the rest of the furniture figured out, I'll snap some shots of the entire room.

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