Monday, June 24

Chunky Necklaces

I love chunky necklaces. There - I said it. But as my sister is quick to point out, I'm too cheap to buy the really cool ones you can find on etsy. I think I'd be willing to buy one or two for a photo session or special occasion, but my problem is that I want one to match every outfit Brinley has!

So, I went to Michaels and bought some wooden beads and painted them. Problem inexpensive solution to my chunky necklace problem.

This one I painted to match Brinley's outfit that she wore for her birthday party.

Yep - she's a cutie.

 This one was a less chunky (20mm) necklace to go with an outfit I wore for Cady to wear a few months ago. The girl isn't that into jewelry (unless it's Hello Kitty) - so she's only worn the necklace once.

This one's my favorite. It's the first one I made, and it took me the most time.

Hand-painted hearts and dots :)

 Most of the necklace is soft pink and cream, so that it can be worn with a few of her other dresses. I swap-out the dark pink and green ones. They were special for this dress :)

B likes to accessorize more than the other two did. She likes bows, necklaces, bracelets, and shoes and is getting around to liking headbands and sunglasses.

This one and the skinnier one I made for Cady kind of color coordinate.

Brinley only wore this dress for about fifteen minutes before she got frustrated because she couldn't crawl in it.

They might not be as shiny or fancy as the acrylic beads, but I figure I've saved myself a lot of money :)


  1. Krista, I knew you were talented at photography but your sewing and crafting amaze me. Karen