Wednesday, June 5

Memorial Day

J and I grabbed the girls and headed to my parents' house for a Memorial Day BBQ.

Paige and Austin spent the afternoon with various electronics. I'm still shaking my head in disappointment. We brought their gloves and bats so they could play baseball.

I made P's dress, by the way ;)

 Cady was asked to watch Brinley so she didn't fall off the patio step. Normally Cady LOVES to help. Not sure what was going on with her face right here. lol

I made Cady's dress too.

Brinley says "I've got this guys - I don't need anyone to watch me. Seriously"

Then we got the look.

And a smile

 My Mom got some wood chips ready for the grill. Or maybe my Dad did, I'm not sure.

 The man finally got around to using the gas grill. He prefers charcoal.

Mmmmmmm. This really was entirely too much meat for the number of people that were there.

I made mac and cheese - from a box - for the kiddos.

Cooking is a great excuse to hide from the kids. Just LOOK at that water boil! Fun times.

My Mom cut up some peppers.

And Jason bakes some cookies. (which I promptly inhaled).

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