Sunday, July 7

Fourth of July at the lake

We headed to the lake with J's friends Chris and Stacy (and their adorable little guy) this year for the 4th.

Brinley sported the same top she wore last year. The beauty of shirred dresses is that they can stretch and be worn as a short later :) How clever. 

Anyway, I can't believe how much she's changed over the past year. She's such a goof sometimes. She likes to wear Cady's shades.

Cady was pretty excited to get to ride on the tube by herself. She wanted to get thrown off so badly. I suspect if the time comes that she does get thrown off, she'll quickly change her mind about it. Paige was in there with her for a while, but got mad because C kept kicking her. B slept most of the time on the boat. She was mad about having to wear her life vest.

After a short rest, and a change of clothes, Brinley and Aidan were pretty happy to have their pictures taken - can you tell? lol.

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