Monday, July 15

Nice work, JP, Nice work.

A few years ago I bought the Pampered Chef's Deep Covered Baker (in taupe). I just had to have it. I know what you're thinking - I don't cook. I thought maybe it would revolutionize my life. The Pampered Chef lady sent me a document with over 70 recipes to use with it.

I've read through the recipes a dozen times - most of them looked good. I think I even re-ordered the recipes and formatted them to better suit my needs. I kept thinking that one day I'd make one of them. One day, when the girls decide to eat something that comes out if a casserole dish.

Once day in the recent past, JP was cleaning off a desk that sits in a rarely used nook in our house. He came across a printed copy of the recipes. He mentioned that he was going to make one of them. The man rarely follows-through with things so imagine my surprise when I came home to this one weekend evening:

Yes, there's a big fat J.P. on the top of that dish. He's cute. And he can cook. Two of the reasons I keep him around. While I secretly hoped he had made a pot roast or something, this was a chicken pot pie recipe. So after two (or more?) years, the deep covered baker made it's debut.

I really should learn how to cook.

Up next: A new foster dog, a water party from a few weeks ago, and maybe more pics of chunky necklaces.

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