Tuesday, July 2

Sewing - for dolls this time

I got to test TWO patterns doll patterns this week. I'm to sure when they'll be release yet, but Cady sure was tickled to find out she was getting some new digs for her Bitty Twin.

This first one is a knit dress - which can be made for a 15" or 18" doll.

The second pattern had TONS of options. It, too, can be made for a 15" or 18." The set includes an option for pants or capris, with or without pockets, and with or without ruffles at the bottom. I like the capris.

The top can be made as either a shirt or dress; can have flutter or cap sleeves, and can have a ruffle at the bottom.

The first one I made was a shirt with flutter sleeves and capris. Incidentally, the capris rode-up after the first shot and it looks like she's wearing shorts.

Cady asked for another top, so I made a shirt with the cap sleeves too.

As soon as the patterns are released I'll include a link :) They sell patterns for girls and dolls.

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