Monday, August 26

National Dog Day

In honor of national dog day, here's an updated look at my fur babies...

Our queen bee (Bean Louise). She 'sucks' on this stuffed animal like it's a pacifier.

My old man - Bosco Leroy. He'll be 13 his winter.

Sadie (boxer), Bean, and our foster pug Marvin James playing tug.

Marvin and Bo being boys (trying to figure out who gets to pee on the tree first).  :/

Bean and Marvin playing tug again. They'd play all day if I'd let them, but right now it's just too hot for my short-nosed friends.

And the baby of the bunch. Po Eugene hit the six-month mark recently. He looks like he's resting quietly, but those of you that know BTs know this isn't the case :) he's eating grass.

Happy National Dog Day! Go hug your pups.

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