Thursday, August 8

New tops and skirts

I made a new top for Paige, and new skirts for all three girls. I even made a sweet little diaper cover for Brinley.

The top is the newly released Snappy Tunic Tank from Mokeysbug Patterns. What I really liked about it is that I could choose from three different options for the sleeves/neckline. I like the serged option because it looks  a bit more curly. That, and I love my serger and use it whenever I can :)

Paige is really hard to sew for because she's 'at that age.' If I picked material that she likes then the odds are in my favor of her wearing it. Enter houndstooth.

You totally can't tell, but the shorts are the Brownie Goose Summer sailors. I like those too, but have only made one pair this summer.

You can see the neckline and sleeve edging better here.

And here's Paige's bestie wearing the top 

Now - THIS is my new favorite's being released today from Little Lizard King. I had my doubts when pairing the new top with this skirt, but I think I love it.  

The only thing Paige didn't like abut the skirt was the bow in the back. I think on the next one I make for her I won't add it.

 I can see myself making this skirt over and over. I made one for the smaller two as well. AND, rumor has it Tricia will be adding a doll pattern with it, so Paige's AG doll can have one too. Overkill maybe?

 And before I forget, she also designed a reversible head wrap to go with the skirt. Seriously, if you have a sewing machine (even if you won't know how to use it) buy this pattern. It's awesome.

Yesterday I grabbed the skirts, the girls, and a few necklaces and headed outside to snap some pictures. It was hot, and Brinley was cranky. lol. Can you tell?

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