Monday, December 9

Cady's Christmas Program

For the first time in the 10 years I've been parenting ,I'll be missing one of the girls' programs/plays.

The lines are long to get into the over-crowded auditorium' and because we don't want to get there an hour in advance, the 'good' seats are usually taken. I can't complain :) if I wanted a good seat I'd show up earlier than I do. But...this doesn't stop the girls from complaining. Then we sit through six other 'acts' from the other x-graders (in this case 2nd-graders) in addition to Paige of Cady's class. There's always a young kid in the row behind us kicking or hitting the seats, and Paige or Cady always complains about not being able to see.

Despite ALL this, I really look forward to the event, and I'm pretty bummed that I'll be missing it.

I helped Cadence get all dolled-up and took a few pictures to commemorate the event.

Oh those eyes...those crystal green eyes.

Before you think twice about the dress, I didn't make it. I didn't spend hours attaching the glittery crystals and tulle overlay. Cady's Grandma A bought her this dress. Cadence loves it, and has been counting the days until she got to wear it. Today's the day.

This is the real color of the dress. Such a rich purple color - paired with the perfect bow.

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  1. She's beautiful. Was the program tonight? You're dad's still sick (maybe worse than Saturday), so we wouldn't have been able to go even if we knew when it was.