Tuesday, December 10

Christmas odds and ends

The girls did the bulk of the holiday decorating this year and they did a really great job on the tree.

I came across some ornaments that made me smile:

Brinley's thumbprint reindeer ornament from last year (her first Christmas).

A clay star ornament Cady made last year.

And one that Paige made this year.

Then there's the snow globes. I've been scared of snow globes most of my life. Every time someone touches one I'm SURE it's going to fall to the ground and shatter. Despite that, I really do like them. Paige collects them, and they all get grouped together and proudly displayed this time of year. Next year I'm pretty sure we'll need a new table for them. Here are three of her favorites.

There's a wreath on the door, a small village of houses that Jason prides himself in playing with setting up, and some lights outside the house. That's about the extend of our decorating...

But then there's the elf. If she ever does anything that wouldn't embarrass us, I'll be sure to post a picture. This year she's 12 for 12 :)

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