Sunday, January 5

Snowed In

Today we're getting more snow that I've seen in a long time. The girls spent the day inside playing with Christmas presents and drinking hot chocolate.

Paige's BFF got a little stir crazy and ended up running down the street for a visit. The snow was just below her knees at this point so she was running in the street. I peeked through the window for this shot. It was too cold.

The dogs braved the cold for a few short minutes.

Howie (foster pug) had been sick last week and now is good as new. He likes to eat the snow.

Bosco turned 13 last week and had the good sense to get out, do his business, and get back in as quickly as possible. No pics of him today.

 Po says "uh, there are stairs here right?"

"I'm scared"


Happy snow day :)

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