Wednesday, May 7

Grand Cayman - Part 1

We took the girls to the Cayman Islands this year for Spring Break. 
This was actually the first vacation we've been on together - ever. 
And we've been married for 12 years. 

Grand Cayman was pretty surreal - I think I'm moving there. :)

We stayed right on the beach - the pool to our left, the ocean just yards to the front 
(or back - depends on how you look at it). I'll try to post more about the condo we stayed in later.

This was Cemetery Beach - just down the street from where we stayed.

 B and I hung out in the shade while Cady played in the water and Paige and JP went snorkeling. 

These were at Pedro St. James

The sunsets were snapped from my cell outside of our condo. The cruise ships docked on this side of the island (down a few miles) so we'd get to watch them leave in the evenings.

 More from Pedro St. James

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