Thursday, May 8

Grand Cayman - part 2

Here's a pretty random mix of pics,,,

This guy lived at the Cayman Turtle Farm 

B was scared of the presentation at Pedro St. James. 

B's first sand castle. She hated the sand, but warmed up to it quickly.

Trying to see the turtles at the Sea Turtle Farm.
*note: her hair was crazy the entire time we were there.

Cady took pictures at Pedro St. James too.

Jason took me to look for crabs

Can you see him?

:) At this point they were ready to call it a day and head back to the beach.

Crazy-haired, tired baby

Paige fed the sole donkey on the island. Cady thought it was gross, and B wasn't brave enough.

Sea Urchin


He was mad

There were tons of lizards right outside the condo. 

And the plants were beautiful. I could  have spent a day scouting the island taking pics...but I didn't/couldn' time?

Pedro St. James

Pedro St. James

 Pelicans. There's one that must have circled and tried to land on the branch about 8 times before his 'friends' let him. These guys liked to hang out in the tree outside the condo in the evening.

And the chickens/roosters...they were EVERYWHERE.

Snails - can you see them?

This is just down the beach from the condo - it's where we found the crabs/snails/sea urchins.

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