Wednesday, November 25

November ipsy Glam Bag - Beauty Blast

In October I started my ipsy subscription after seeing what a friend of mine was getting.

For those that don't know, ipsy is a beauty bag monthly subscription. You can subscribe monthly or annually (I chose annual since it ended up being a better deal). If you'd like to know more, check out their FAQ page. They have a huge variety of products each month that the ipsy stylists use to customize your bag, so not everyone will get the same thing.

I got my first bag in October. I loved it, but didn't get time to blog about it. My second bag (November) came a few weeks ago.

I'm not sure what the bag is made of, but it has an almost neoprine feel to it. I think it's really cute! But it's not really a bag I would carry around with me, so I'm giving it to Paige. I gave my October bag to Paige too - I'm hoping it's not a trend. I do like the look of most of the bags they've sent out over the past few years so I'm not losing hope just yet.

 And here's what I got.

This is a tre'StiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon in the shade 'Florence Fig.' ipsy also sent out two other colors to ipsters - Chili Red and Nantucket Nude. I think I would have liked Nantucket Nude better. I like this pencil. When I first pulled it out of the bag I thought "Why would you put a lip pencil in a bag without a lid?! And how is it not all over everything?!"

Yeah, so that was the lid, which makes the product even cuter. The lip color feels super creamy and provides good coverage. It's supposed to be matte, but it never did end up looking matte on my lips. This isn't a color I would have chosen for myself, but I may try out a different color. One of the benefits of being an ipsy subscriber is that you get discounts to use with the brands they feature each month. The tre'StiQue discount is 30% off plus free shipping. The lip color retails for about $28.

 You really can't go wrong with Smashbox, right? This month everyone got Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara. This is supposed to be a lengthening AND volumizing mascara. The volumizing aspect worked well for me, but my super short lashes still looked super short (but full!) after use :). Smashbox doesn't offer discounts to ipsy subscribers :/

I received theDERMELECT® 'ME' Peptide Infused Lacquer. It's a peptide-infused color treatment for fragile, weak nails. I didn't notice anything special about the polish. The formula was good but did chip after a few days. Used with a base and without a base, I'd say I'd classify it somewhere between Essie (chips after day 1) and OPI (chips after day 4 or 5). For the price, I'd stick with OPI. A bottle retails for about $14 but ipsy subscribers get a 20% discount. They have some really cute colors - I'm tempted, but

This was probably my favorite this month. It's the Figs & Rouge Mattifying Emulsion & Pore Refiner. This was one of the few 'pore refiners' that have actually made my horribly huge pores look smaller. It also provided a nice surface for my foundation to adhere to. It's one of the few mattifiers that sticks to my face all day. I really wanted to buy a full sized bottle of this, but it retails for $37.50, and there isn't a discount for ipsy subscribers, only a 'free gift with purchase' option. I have a similar product that I think I'll stick to. I may cave in and buy one in the coming months when my go-to primer runs out.

And lastly, I received the J. Cat Beauty Skinny & Long Eye Pencil. It's a lot longer than the other eye liners I've tried, so in theory it will last longer. It didn't 'stay on' very long so I had to reapply it a few times. I'm also not crazy about the color - they sent me Ash Silver. This would be great for younger girls who wear sparkley things. Maybe for new years? ;) Paige loves this, so I ended up giving it to her. They retail for $2.99 so the fact that it didn't stay on very long didn't bug me much (you get what you pay for) and the pencils come in a variety of colors. ispy subscribers get a 25% discount so I may spend some more time checking out their site to see what else I may want to try. Their lip colors look cute.

That's it for November! I put a quick video out on YouTube if you'd like another look at the products. And, if you feel like ipsy is something you'd like to try it out yourself, consider using my referral link. I'd get points to use toward additional products. :)

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