Wednesday, November 18

Vicks SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier Review

I heard about Influenster from a friend and started poking around on the site. Next thing I know, they sent me a complimentary Vick SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier. I was super excited to get it unboxed (check out my You Tube unboxing video) and try it out.

Brinley needs to use a humidifier from October through April. We've used a lot of different types by a lot of different brands. I haven't noticed a huge difference in terms of results with any of them.

I've decided that I prefer cool mist over warm because by the time the mist gets close to Brinley it's cool anyway. Plus it seems safer to use a cool mist model. When I was a kid my Mom used to use those old Gerber Vaporizers and I can't count the number of times I'd hop out of bed and put my face over it so water would hit my face. Yes, I was a weird kid. So imagine kids doing that with the hot steam models. Not a good idea. Jason and I use a hot one in our room, but we've matured enough not to touch where the steam comes out; but we prefer the cool model(s) for the girls.

Here's what came with the humidifier:

The box

The humidifier

'Use and Care' manual, three coupons, an informational card from Influenster, and a sample Vapo Pad. The coupons include:

  • $1.50 off your next purchase of either one Vicks Humidifier or Vaporizer
  • $1.00 off one Vicks Digital Thermometer (I LOVE these, by the way and may write a review about those  later).
  • $0.75 off any one Vicks Vapo Pads (there are two choices - 'Soothing Menthol Vapors' and 'Sleepy Time Comfort.'). 

Below is an overview from the Vicks' Website, and my corresponding thoughts:
"The Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier creates an enchanting and soothing bedtime environment for your child while providing temporary relief from cough and congestion.

  1. 3.8 litre/1.0 gallon capacity
  2. Clear projection of images that offers consumers 3 different dream inspired themes - sea, safari and starry night to chose from - with 3 scenes per theme
  3. Perfect for children of all ages
  4. Ultra quiet operation lets your child sleep soundly
  5. More visible, dual scent pad slots for releasing soothing Vicks vapours
  6. Easier to clean due to larger tank opening
  7. Auto shut off when empty
  8. Blue coloured tank 
  9. Run time: Up to 24 hours
  10. Suitable for small-medium sized rooms 
  11. Accessories:  Vicks VapoPads- VSP-19-CAN/ VSP19VPC; Protec Demineralization cartridge - PDC51-CAN; Protec Cleaning Cartridge - PC-1C-BX
  12. 2 year warranty"
1. I like the size (1 Gallon capacity). I mentioned in my video that the machines we have now are a bit larger and get heavy when they're filled. Plus, they're harder to fill because they won't easily fit under the faucet in my sink(s). The smaller size of the SweetDreams machine allows it to fit more easily into any sink in my house. So no more lugging from the bathtub :)

2. The projection really is pretty clear. This surprised me. Here's an image from Vicks' website with all three pictures included with the three themes.
And some quick iPhone shots of the 'Sea' theme at night. (The humidifier was on the floor projected onto a standard height ceiling)

Changing the theme is as easy as moving the lever to the corresponding icon. 

3. The three themes are cute for younger kids, but my older two like the idea of the star projections, so I'd say target age range would be newborn to 13 years. There's a button that allows you to turn the projection off if you don't want to use it, expending the age range.

4. I completely agree that it's quiet. It's quieter than any of the other models (cool or hot) that I've tried. I'm not sure if this will change over time with excessive use? :)

5. I like the scent pads, but Jason doesn't so I like that the use of them is optional. I like that the compartment is both discrete yet easy to find.

One or two Vapo Pads can fit in the slots.

6. The tank opening IS bigger than the other models I have, but I imagine it will still be a bit tricky to clean.

7. I really like the auto-shut-off feature. My other (older) models don't have this feature and I often forget to check if it's almost empty. The machines are noticeably louder when trying to run on an empty tank, not to mention the damage it could be doing (?) to the machine.

8. The blue color tank is cute. I'm not partial to blue and could take or leave it. They do have a pink model on their website though!

9. I haven't let it run for 24 hours to know if this is true or not. I know that if we fill the tank each evening, it's about 1/3 of the way empty in the morning (which would be consistent with a full tank lasting 24 hours).

10. I had my doubts about how effectively this could humidify my daughter's medium-sized room, but it had performed at the same level as the one she was previously using in her room (large tank). I haven't tried it in a small space yet to see if it got overly humid. The power is adjustable on this model and I have been running it somewhere in the middle for Brinley's medium-sized room. I imagine if I run it on a lower setting in a small room it would work well.

11. I used my coupon to get a package of the sleepy time VapoPads for Brinley's room. I like the smell but I can't tell if they're having a positive effect on Brinley :) I need to learn more about what the 'Protec Demineralization cartridge' and the 'Protec Cleaning Cartridge' do.

12. Everyone likes a warranty :)

 Here are a few more pictures just for fun.

The mist outlet

One side of the box

Another side of the box with misc. info on humidifiers.

Cute :)

And the QR code on the box if anyone is curious.

Bottom line is that the convenience of the size, and the fun features make it worth the price for me.


  1. Love, love, love this! Almost immediate relief for my son and his stuffiness, which actually rather shocked me. Super easy to use and surprisingly quiet. The footprint is about average for a humidifier, if not slightly larger. Love the options to use the Vick's pads as well.

  2. My son loved this .. It was really easy to use and the projection is amazing. My son requests to have the projection running even when we are not using the humidifier.. I'm going to buying another one as Christmas gift for my friend who is due anytime .