Wednesday, December 9

Serum No. 5 Review

I spend entirely too much time on You Tube and came across a review of Serum No 5 glow in the dark nail polishes.

Serum No. 5 an Indy Brand of polishes operating in Southern California. Each polish is made by hand and is free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate, making them 3-free. 

So back to this glow in the dark business. Am I too old to wear glow in the dark polishes? Yes probably, but the beauty of these polishes is that they're cute even when they're NOT glowing. Plus I have three girls that would love to wear it too.

I ended up ordering three colors, some lip balm, and nail decals (for the girls).

They arrived in a sturdy little box 

And had the cutest packaging inside

Wax sealed envelope holding the three cards below

These made me smile. I still have them.

This is the adorable bag the girls' nail decals came in. Unfortunately Brinley misplaced them before we got to try them out, so I can't speak to the quality of the stickers.

What else is in the box, you ask?

This little lemon gummy candy that Paige snagged right away.

The best smelling, silkiest lip balm I've ever gotten my hands on

How cute is the heart container! The cap doesn't pop off easily like I thought it would, so I can drop it in my bag without worrying about it getting all over the place.

And the polishes (the bubble wrap was a nice bonus for the girls). I ordered Starlight, Twilight, and Pure Glow Getter,

The pink color glows purple, the blue glows bluish, and the white glows greenish.

These were a bit more expensive that I normally would pay for polish (I like OPI which averages about $8 a bottle), but it's an independent company and it's unique. I used a base coat, applied two coats of the color, and a top coat. It chipped after a few days. I'd say it lasts half as long as OPI does on my hands, but twice as long as Essie does. Now, for the glow factor. It takes a while to charge the polish using normal LED light bulbs used around the house. It gets charged super fast when using an LED or UV nail light though. The glow didn't last long (I'd say a few minutes), so I wouldn't consider the product worth the value for the glow factor alone. The colors are pretty enough on their own, so I'm not too disappointed. Would I buy them again? Probably not. 

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