Wednesday, December 23

Slim Fast Product Review

This month I was sent a complimentary assortment of SlimFast products to test out.

I've never tried anything from SlimFast before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was sent a box of four items :)

This first item sent was the Vanilla Cream Meal Replacement Shake. I've heard these are a little too malty and bland so I wasn't looking forward to trying it. It wasn't too bad. I thought it was a little chalky and didn't end up drinking the whole bottle.

Nutrition info:

The second product in the box was a bag of the Cinnamon Bun Swirl Drizzled Crisps 100-calorie Snacks. I had mixed feelings about these. As far as 100 calorie snacks go- these were really good. They lack the pull punch of a non-diet snack, but these crisps did tide me over between meals.

The third item in the box was the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Meal Replacement Bar. I wasn't convinced that a nutrition bar would fill me up enough at lunchtime, and I'm not a fan of dark chocolate. I was sure this product would be a flop. There were enough other 'things' in the bar (almonds, , peanuts, oats, and syrups for flavor) to mask the dark chocolate taste. It was good! I did get hungry again 2 hours after eating it (usually I can go 3 hours without a snack). I'm not sure I would be able to sustain a meal-replacement diet for an extended period of time, but if you're only looking to lose 10 pounds, I think it might work for you.

Nutrition info:

The last item in the box was a bag of the Sour Cream & Onion Baked Crisps 100-calorie Snack. I've heard these were bland, but for a 100 calorie snack I think it has a lot of flavor. The chips were a nice snack between meals.

My overall thoughts - I'd totally go for the snack items, but I don't think I could stick to a routine of replacing two meals with the meal replacement items.

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