Wednesday, December 16

Stitch Fix Review

This was my Fifth Fix. I wish I would have blogged about my other fixes. If I can find my style cards I'll post those - there were some really cute (and not-so-cute) items.

I gave a more detailed description of my feelings for Stitch Fix earlier this month.

This month was a wash. I was pretty disappointed with all five items.

I was so excited to open it - such cute packaging.

 My items this time around. I didn't end up keeping anything.

They sent a Season's Greetings type of card thanking their customers this time of year. I thought it was a nice touch.

 My Style Sheet (The style sheets are my favorite. It gives me ideas of other pieces (already in my closet) that I can put together. Plus the personalized note from the stylist about what I'm getting. I should note that I've had five fixes, and five different stylists. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

 The piece I liked the most was the Gini Fringe Pullover (upper left section). It was the prettiest Navy color. had fringe. The fringe looked easy enough to remove, but for the price, I'd rather go buy a sweater I wouldn't have to alter to love.

The Dorado Leather Wrap Bracelet (not pictured) looked more like a biker bracelet than the boho bracelet I was hoping for.

The Bixby Clover Blouse was ok. I wasn't crazy about the patter and felt meh overall about it.

The Walden V-Neck was really pretty. If it had been a different color I would have kept it. The hot pink type color just isn't something I'd wear.

The Bri Cardigan was cute. I LOVE the olive color, but I don't generally wear cardigans, and I'd hate to keep it and rarely wear it.

I was too disappointed to take pics of the items individually :)

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