Wednesday, January 6

Ibotta App Review

Back in October, a friend introduced me to an app called Ibotta.

In a nutshell, it's a rebate app. I use it primarily for Grocery Shopping. 

The concept is relatively easy. You download the Ibotta app (on either iOS or Android), unlock rebates (by reading a small blurb about the product or watching a short video), go shopping for the items you've unlocked (at any supported store), verify your purchases (scan your product barcodes, then submit a photo of your receipt), then get cash (usually right away, but always within 48 hours). 

Here are some screen shots and some initial thoughts. I've been using the app since October.

Just a typical icon on your screen (pink box with a small 'ib')...

Splash screen

Landing Page with rebate categories listed.

I primarily use the app for groceries, so I clicked on the "Grocery" category on the landing page and ended up on the screen below. Participating stores are listed, along with the current number of rebates they offer and the total amount you could get back if you used every single rebate. Who does that?

I clicked on Walmart since that's really the only option I have out here in the sticks. These screen shots were taken in November, hence the turkey. There is always a bonus rebate where if you claim a certain number of rebates between certain dates you get extra cash back. Under the turkey is a list of all rebates Walmart had (at the current time). I scrolled down many times to view them all but thought you didn't need to see each screen shot. You're welcome.

I typically go to the grocery store and buying whatever it is I had planned to buy, regardless of what the app has rebates. So after I go shopping, I check out the app to see if any of my items are listed. I scroll down the list in the app and find a match. I clicked on it and the screen below appeared. I should point out that we buy these cookies way more often than we should, so it was a nice surprise that they were on the list. I don't typically buy things that I normally wouldn't just because there's a rebate - that's just not how I roll. So, we got lucky. I clicked on the pink "Unlock $.75 Cash Back.

Doing so brought me to this page. In this instance, I had to choose which cookies I was most excited to try. Sometimes they display a recipe, or related product, and even a short video to watch before you can unlock an item. This was was easy. So I made my selection and pushed the "Unlock $.75" button.

Now we can see that my cookies are unlocked! The next step (since I had already gone shopping earlier in the day for these) is to scan the barcode on the box of cookies. I click on the "Check Product Barcode" button and scan the box.

Some screens have the green circle icon stating "Verify Purchases." You can either scan your product barcode and/or receipt by pushing that, or by clicking on that icon with three horizontal lines near the upper left side of the landing page.

Clicking those bars will bring up this left hand navigation list. From there I click on 'Verify Purchases.' A few more things about this screen. I've integrated my account with Facebook - see my picture? :D You can also see lifetime earnings. This was in November - after using the app for about a month. As of early December I was at just under $40. All this for just doing my normal shopping. You can withdraw Cash into a Paypal account or by something called Venmo. I don't know much about Venmo. You can withdraw money once you hit $10. I've been cashing out every time I hit $10. Based on the screen show below, I had cashed out twice ($10 each time) and had a balance in Ibotta of $6.80.

Backing up to where I said I had clicked on "Verify Purchases" on the screen above, I'm then brought to the screen below. I scroll down to find Walmart and click on it.

Step one of the verification process starts. It's asking me to scan my product barcode(s). I had already done this, so when I click on the pink "Scan Product Barcodes" it brings me to a list of items I had unlocked, and I chose the item I had already scanned in (which is highlighted in green). I don't have a screen shot for that. Next I am brought back to this screen and click on the button (that will have turned pink) labeled "Capture Receipt." This will open my camera and I scan the QR code on my receipt. That ends the process on my end.

Next I wait to get a notification that the $.75 has been added to my account. In my experience it's in my account within 15 seconds. Once or twice it took a day. 

There's also an option in the app to link a Customer Loyalty Account. Unfortunately for me, none of the stores I shop at have the Loyalty Accounts. 

You can build a 'team' and work together to get extra bonuses. Right now my Mom and sister are both on my team. If you'd like to try Ibotta and want to join my team, use my referral code: ebijwnv.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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